Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Book Review: Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff (The Lotus War #1)

Rating 2.5*/5

It could have been a 4* book if it weren't for the elaborate descriptions. Man, did Jay Kristoff had his images set in his mind! But you see, the truth is I didn't need to know what shapes the smoke took from Hideo's pipe. I also didn't need to know about the illustrations on the palace walls, or just how iridecent the Shogan's robes were. I didn't need to know any of those things! They didn't help me paint the picture in my mind. They just put a leash on my imagination.

What they also did, was make me phase out while listening to the audiobook. I couldn't help it! The descriptions were just soooo loooong and pointless! I missed things all the time and by the time I realized it, I wouldn't know who was speaking or what they were talking about! So I would have to rewind and listen again! It took me twice the time it would have normally taken me to finish this.

What is more, the change of POVs didn't help me keep my mind on the story. And I'm talking about all the POVs that had no immediate concern on the MC. They were distracting and annoying. We could have stick with Yukiko's POV in the book. And perhaps with some insight in her father's and Kin's thoughts. Everything else could be mentioned in some other way through the story.

The best part though is at the end of the pick scene, where there is no mention of a major character even though they are in the scene. It's like they no longer exist!

Now,you will see all this rampling above and wonder "Why didn't you rate with 1* then?"

Why? Why? I'll tell you why.


Ok, it's not only that. The truth is I really liked the setting and the world building. I liked these red landscapes, the blood lotus and the people with googles and handkerchiefs covering their mouths. The fanatics with clockwork "skins" and the Book of Ten Thousand Days. Most of all, I liked the bond between Yukiko and Buruu that unfolded right in front of our eyes, transforming into something powerful and magnificent.

You see, that's the thing. The idea had great potential but the writing style didn't give it wings.

Oh! Did I mention the amazing cover????


  1. I haven't read this one, but agree with you. I don't like long descriptions either. I want to know a stuff or too but if it's too long then I lose the point.

    I'm glad you enjoyed this one at last, even if you rated with 2.5 stars. A chick flying on a freaking griffin deserves some respect! lol