Sunday, 8 March 2015

Harmless Queries: Why Do We Like Stories?

What would we be like, if there were no stories ever told? Where  would we find inspiration? The urge to be better than we already are? Would we hold the same ideals if they were not passed on to us through stories? Would we be less afraid of the dark if we had never met the hideous monsters of legends? Would we not wait for the prince in shining armor if no fairytale ever suggested he exists? I think not.

Stories aren't just a way of entertainment, as many people think. Stories are living, breathing things. They change shape depending on the person who's reading them and they ignite different things in every one of us. Stories taunt us, make us think and rethink and understand. They bind us to their truth, to the things we interpret from them. Stories teach us who we could be, what we are capable of. They help us travel not only this world, but many more. They open our eyes to new concepts and ideas. Stories liberate us.

Do you like stories? I bet you do! I mean, how can't you? They're the ultimate high.


  1. Yes, stories. What would be like if there were no stories ever told, you wonder, and the first thing that comes to mind is a dull gray world. Maybe then the stories would only exist in our heads because I refuse to accept that there is such reality without stories.
    I love the voices that come whispering a tale, I love my imaginary friends, I love tormenting them a little even if I can't promise them a happy ending.
    So, I agree, Penny. Stories are living breathing things and must be treated carefully.
    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Thank you Athina for the warm welcome! I also believe that if stories were never told, they would still live in our minds, whispering the endless possibilities of reality. Stories define us.