Friday, 13 November 2015

Harmless Queries: How Is Music Inspiring Us?

There's this song. I can't take it off my mind. I keep listening to it on repeat. I'm listening to it right now, as I write these words. 

There is something so weird about it. When I hear it, it's just like I'm transported to some other place. Maybe a beach in Rio at dusk, near a bonfire. Feeling the beat of the song pulsing through me as I move to it's rhythm, hands outstretched toward the sky, bare feet stomping on the warm sand. 

It sets my imagination ablaze. I'm feeling the music, becoming it. It reminds me of reading a book. You open it and instantly get lost in a foreign world. This song is like that. I'm here, typing on my PC and at the same time, I'm far away.  

I'm so inspired by this song.

Quimey Neuquen, José Larralde (Chancha via Circuito)

What song can't you take off your mind?


  1. I totally agree, Penny. Music is inspiring, setting the imagination ablaze, make you think you can do the things you cannot do. I listen to music when I write and most of the times it's just a song playing on repeat and on high volume. Every book I wrote so far is connected to a song that used to inspire me at that time. It's a magical feeling. :)

    The most recent one that seems to light a sparkle is The Logical song:

    I love that song!

  2. I knew you'd understand! It's amazing how music can take us away. Nice song by the way. :)